this is the Eemskanaal near Groningen, we leave for the second year sailing
We started sailing the first year at the IJselmeer, Dolf Kruger who had the same boat, made this photos
we also sailed at the Waddensea, this is looking at the Harlingen Terschelling race from the Richel.
Onze zeehond Foca heeft ankerwacht
Ronald worked at a coaster of Wagenborg, I sailed Tortuga from Haarlem, where we had Tortuga for 5 years in winter, to Zaandam to pay him a visit
Ronalds mother helped to sail the boat
at the wharf of van Opzeeland she was hoisted out of the water for 5 winters, we lived there in a lot of snow and ice
another meeting in Amsterdam
we also enjoyed the Spaarne with our small boats
Foca could not wait till the tide had gone out