Catamaran Tortuga
This site is about the recovery and rebuilding of our catamaran Tortuga.
We build her originaly from 1972-1976. We lived on her and sailed her till 1982. Then we sold her because we had childeren to raise.
We kept some contact with the new owner, but saw her in 1995 in a bad condition.
Then we lost her track, but with the telephone guide at internet we refound her owner. She was even worse he said and he asked whether we wanted her back.
Then we went to her to see whether she was worth saving.
She looked very bad and was half sunk and full of junk. But started pumping her out and taking out all the junk and cleaning. If you want to see how she became and how we sailed her back home and started restauration you have to click the links below. The second photo shows how she looks in the summer of 2009 after 7 years of work
Beusichem 2002cleaning
Sailing 1    Lek and IJsel
Sailing 2    Noord Oostpolder and Friesland
Sailing 3    Groningen
transport home  by trailer
work1cabins off
work3winter 2002-2003
summer2003     zomer 2003
winter 2003-2004mast
spring 2004rudders
summer2004      Tortuga inside the barn
autumn 2004      closing holes in the skin
winter2004 2005 daggerboards
autumn 2005     beam 1
winter 2005 2006beam 2
spring 2006mastbeam
summer 2006     work at the hulls
autumn 2006      making bulkheads,bowladder
winter 2006 2007nettingbeam, bridgedeck
spring 2007cockpit, work at the hulls
summer 2007     work at the hulls
autumn 2007      cabins
winter 2007-2008       cabins, bridgedeck
early spring 2008central cabin
late spring 2008         cabin roof
later spring 2008       work at the hulls
summer 2008     more work on hulls and cabin
autumn 2008      more work at the hulls
winter 2008-2009        moving the hulls, glassing the SBkeel
winter 2008 2009 2     fitting rudders and daggerboards in SB
  aftplatform, sailplan
februari march 2009    accessories made
march april may 2009 port keel and finishing of the hulls
summer 2009     the boat is painted
summer 2009 2         hatches, windows and winches
summer 2009 3         Tortuga goes outside

From now on , we only publish new photos of Tortuga on our blog
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